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The feedback we have received from attendees about our classes.

'Thank you for last nights class, had such a great sleep! Looking forward to next weeks session'

'Absolutely loved it! I will see you all next week'

'Amazing feeling to be able to jump and jog in the water!'

'Absolutely recommend this class! It was the first time I'd been around other expectant mothers and it was really calming. I told Lucy I was expecting twins and they accommodated me, and gave me options that suited me. I just wish the class had been around my whole pregnancy, I think I would of had a different (better) experience altogether.'

'My first session with Nesting Lotus was so enjoyable! Rheo and Lucy were very welcoming and I instantly felt at ease. It was easy to tailor the exercises to what you felt up to with zero judgement! Looking forward to a few more session before the twins arrive'

'I had my first session today and absolutely loved it! Lucy and Rheo were lovely!

It was a relaxing, positive experience, meeting other pregnant ladies, having the opportunity to chat about all things pregnancy, and the actual class was amazing. The ladies gave us alternatives to the exercises if we wanted something a little easier, which was lovely!

I 100% recommend, and I can't wait for my next session!'

'I attended my first antenatal swimming class yesterday and it was great! Lucy was friendly and informative. The class itself was low impact but it felt good to move and push myself - I could feel my heart rate go up! It was lovely to meet the other ladies, I really enjoyed the huddle towards the end where we got to know each other better and chat about our own experiences. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking to get moving, destress or to just have some me time!'

'Today I went to my first aquanatal class, it was so good for me and my baby! I would definitely recommend to any pregnant mamas! I'll definitely be block booking mine for the rest of my pregnancy! Thank you!'

'I had my first lesson with Rheo in Market Harborough & I thoroughly enjoyed it. Well structured class with an awesome teacher. Rheo was fab & you were able to ask questions related to your pregnancy if you wished which was reassuring for us mum’s as well. Lovely to meet other ladies in my area too and we even received some lovely biscuits after the lesson which was very welcomed - thank you!'

'Had my first class today and will definitely be back. Great chance to meet other mums in the area. Good workout in the water not to hard not to easy. Highly recommend for those expecting and now for woman post natal!'

'I have loved joining these classes, it’s so comforting to know that they’re run by experienced midwives and you can ask any questions. It’s also lovely to be with other mums to be The biscuits are always yummy too!'

'As a first time mum, I didn’t know much at all about pregnancy and babies so everything was new to me. I signed up to a class at NL to get involved in pregnancy safe exercise but mainly to meet other mums and be around a group of people, who were going through the same experiences. Since then, i’ve signed up to continuous blocks of classes because I have found it such a helpful and worthwhile experience.
Firstly, it is ran by midwives so you feel reassured in the knowledge that the information you’re being given is correct. Both ladies are so well informed and always happy to answer any questions us mums to be have. The talk at the end of the session is great and I always feel that I learn so much from it. Each week there is a different topic discussed - from poops/wees, early days feeding, labour itself and much more! It’s also great that we have biscuits and the ladies always bring bottled water with them in case we forget ours.
The exercises in the pool are never too difficult and we can take it at our pace depending on how we are feeling. There is also always a chat in the pool afterward, where us mums introduce ourselves so that any new members feel part of the group and we can all catch up on where we’re at in our pregnancy journeys.
I also really love the whatsapp group, which Lucy and Rheo have set up for every class so that we can communicate with the other members. There is no pressure to join or to stay but for me, being part of the whatsapp group with the other mums to be from my aquanatal class is great, I feel that I have people I can talk to and when my baby is here there will be other new mums in the area going through the same things as me and who I can meet up with. The social aspect is so important both for making friends and also the support.
If you’re looking for an affordable means to meet other mums in the area, make friends and gain support and advice from informed midwives - whilst also keeping active in a pregnancy safe way - this is such a wonderful service! Both Lucy and Rheo have done an incredible job! Thank you'

'I signed up for aqua natal to keep my fitness up during my pregnancy. I got that and so much more… Nesting Lotus have brought together a beautiful community of mums to be and created a positive and supportive environment to help you learn and grow your skills, knowledge and confidence as you head into motherhood, supported by knowledgeable and caring professionals. I loved every class! One of my best pregnancy choices!!'

'I was apprehensive about getting into the pool after many years; although it was always something I had loved I was extremely body conscious. The midwife leading the session was so understanding and reassuring. As soon as I got into the pool for my first session, all of my worries disappeared and is has been best decision I have made. I love that you get a combination  of exercise in the pool, sessions lead by expert midwives and a friendly and welcoming bunch of lovely ladies. I would definitely recommend aquanatal sessions to any expectant baby mommas!'

'I just want to say how truly thrilled I am with the experience and service on offer. Having two children previously there was no activity or group available that suited me. This group has been so welcoming the exercise is perfect at all stages of pregnancy and postpartum. I've made friends and learnt so much. It's been invaluable providing me with contacts for birth and post birth essentials! As well as being midwife lead so you know your in safe hands and can always ask anything! Thank you so much for providing a genuinely vital service, it's kept me mentally and physically able so far!'

'I cannot thank Nesting Lotus enough. First time mamma here, and i feel like I have met so many no friends whose babies will be born around the same time as mine. It's amazing to feel so supported, not only by the group but qualified midwives too! The social element is amazing as I felt quite isolated in the beginning of pregnancy due to sickness! It's lovely to feel like you are not alone with all the lovely symptoms that come with pregnancy. I love love LOVE the music and exercise combined, Lu's playlists are something else! It's good for the brain and body and the informative chat topics each week are an added bonus which make you prepared for motherhood! I really hope that Lu turns up at my house to deliver my little Peanut!'

'Nesting Lotus' aquanatal sessions are amazing! They are the perfect combination of social (we don't get told off for talking!), exercise which you can do at your own pace, great tunes, a super support network through the Whatsapp group and monthly meet ups, fantastic antenatal talks after each session, and the reassurance that it's all led by midwives. It really is such a supportive and friendly group that I am proud to be part of.'

'Nesting Lotus antenatal swimming class was the first and only group I joined when I was pregnant, and I'm so glad I did. I was so nervous about going and not knowing anyone but Lucy and Rheo just made the experience so easy and enjoyable. It's great that they are experienced midwives, and were always on hand with any pregnancy worries the other ladies, or I had. I also met a lot of other mums to be at the group, who I have since kept in touch with after having my son. I would definitely recommend these classes to any pregnant mums to be.'

'Nesting Lotus has been truly good for my heart and soul during my pregnancy. Having amazing midwives to discuss your pregnancy with, along with lovely women all going through similar things is fantastic. So happy that I have found them.'

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