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Here at Nesting Lotus, we know just how important your journey in to parenthood really is. We are here to empower you to make positive choices, share the knowledge you, and your support network need, and give you practical tips to help you navigate your way through the early days post-birth.

For our availability, and to book in with us, email


Phone or Virtual Consultation

£30 for 30 minutes

Pregnancy or Post-Birth

We welcome you to discuss any element of your parenthood journey with a qualified midwife.

This may include:

  • Support in writing your birth plan

  • Cover specific topics with a little more detail

  • Address uncertainties with elements of pregnancy, or the post-birth period

  • Offer a caring, supportive and safe place to share vulnerabilities

  • General reassurance and emotional well-being support

Postnatal Support Visit


Charges of £1/mile will occur if travelling over 5 miles


You will receive a home visit from a qualified midwife, intended to compliment your NHS maternity care.

Being mums ourselves, we know how difficult and precious those first few weeks of parenthood really are. Whether you're first time parents, or learning to navigate life with other children, we are here for you. 

These visits are designed to support each and every family as they need, this may include:

  • Full post-birth check up for mum & baby/babies

  • Breastfeeding support - Including positioning, identifying  a positive latch, support with feeding aids, breast pumps, hand expression, sterilisation of equipment and milk storage

  • Bottle feeding support - Including safe formula preparation, sterilisation, recommended feeding techniques

  • Practical tips and advice

  • Support with baby care (nappy changing, bathing your baby, winding techniques)

  • Offering a caring, supportive and safe place to share vulnerabilities

  • Support emotional well-being and general reassurance

  • Care of your baby while you nap, eat, bathe, or any other elements of 'self-care' for you and your partner.

  • Care of your baby while you spend time with your other children

  • Supporting you with the transition of your partner returning to work - we know how daunting this can be!

There may also be an option to support you in the evening (until around 11pm) if you are finding these particularly challenging, or would just like to have a couple of hours in bed in preparation for the night ahead.

Minimum bookable consultation time - 1 hour (we are happy to advise on an appropriate consultation time for the type of support you require)

Additional fee of £10 per 30 minutes after 8pm

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